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Through this practice channeled by a Pleiadian frequency, we centered ourselves in the opening of energy paths based on the capacity that our multidimensional body to prepare us for the ascension. Utilizes clear crystal, and its focus is on all chakras, but essentially on our Timo chakra.

It’s a vibrational practice designed for your own personal use or to bring it to others. Is an experience of unity, and balance with all of our surrounding, also works as a channel to allows to return to our natural pulse with the Universe, based in the idea that everything is a vibration and therefore it can be modified. 

Its purpose is the restitution of vibration harmony within our human energetic field. This is done in a profound and integrated way on all the dimensions of our being, so, we can have the necessary coherence to manifest the life we dream about.

It also looks to elevate and balance our vibrating frequencies with the original and natural frequencies from the sacred geometry that shapes sustain the whole universe, universal love, and unity.


  • The high vibration frequencies volumes that the person in session is exposed to, makes it easier for the release of emotional blockages of all kind of childhood traumas.

  • Awakes latent information within our DNA exposing sleeping potential into the light

  • Energy enhances some physical aches or pains in order to heal them progressively

  • States of deep relaxation are reached

  • Less stress and anxiety 

  • Better emotional balance

  • Better organs and systems functions

  • More energy and endurance

  • Helps to establish a better health condition

  • Reaches a higher level of consciousness that heals physical, mental, emotional, and energy problems.

  • Balances and aligns all chakras.

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