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Tama Taie is a healing system with Pleiadian roots. It is activated through clear crystals, geometric structure symbols, The purpose of this is to contact beings from the Taurus constellation where the Pleiades reside. These beings that act as teachers will guide me through the healing process.

It is here where  Pleiadian symbols are imposed into the crystals, as well as their audio in the language of light, creating a prosperous environment to anchor these frequencies, that will be used as tools through all the healing process.


There are 5 instances within the Tama Taie and they can be done from a distance. It can be done on children, adults, groups, and to balance the environment. 


  • Main purpose is the balance and activitation of our energetics points. 

  • Helps aid physical pain. 

  • Brings peace and harmony. 

  • Releases stress, anxiety, and traumas. 

  • Helps with mental and emotional distress. 

  • Balances and aligns all chakras

  • Restores your vibrational frequency

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