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There´s has been the belief of past lives since many years ago in different cultures and religions. According to this belief, we are in this life to gather experiences and learn from them so we can grow spiritually.

Each life provides us with its own needs and privileges. It´s also believed that depending on how we face each challenge and situation in these lives. A link can be created that will follow in our next lives.

We are born, we live and die so we can return to the source and start the process again.

There are also conditions and traumas that can be transferred from a past life into this one. For example, If in the past you died because you fell off a cliff, you may develop vertigo in this lifetime.


The main benefit of a past life regression is that you can consciously gain awareness of the main source of your traumas. And this is because of what you lived in your past lives. You´ll be able to release this negative energy that is stored within your spirit. This will also let you get rid of their negative effects.


  • Gain awareness of the main source of traumas. 

  • Has the potential to release energy blocks, pain, fears, negative emotions and/or limiting beliefs, and clear negative karmas and past life contracts.

  • Understand personal relationships 

  • Uncover talents and abilities from the past. 

  • Release of fear and anxiety. 

  • Discover events that are the root of physical problems. 

  • Align with your soul’s purpose in this lifetime. 

  • Release physical toxins

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