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Angel statue

Angel therapy is a discipline that consists of communication between the therapist and the Angels for the sole purpose of a person’s healing.

Through the channeler or therapist, the Angels will let us know all the situations that are right or wrong within our lives. They will also let us know where to go, what our true potential is, and which steps to follow to reach this potential.

This is called channeling. That means that I will receive the messages of the angels through my intuition and express them through speech.

Afterward, the change in the energy system will come. The Angels allow us to see the energy of the person being healed as well as the energy field of his aura and his chakras which will indicate what is needed to be worked with each person.

At the end of therapy, the person healed will receive:

Energy healing. That occurs with the energy of the Archangels interacting with the person and cleaning their energy field. Removing everything that does not correspond. Such as blockages, cutting ties, filling the energy field with light, re-energizing, balancing, and aligning it so that the energy flows.


  • Clears our energy getting rid of the negative

  • Fills our energetic centers with light energy

  • Make’s us fell more energized and free

  • Releases blockages with distanced persons

  • Releases reprised emotions and feelings

  • Angels will provide us with messages channeled through the therapist

  • They will show us which way to follow to evolve

  • They will show us our blockages and the tools we have to solve them

  • They will show us the highest potential we can reach at the moment

  • Unblock our energetic systems

  • Open ways

  • They´ll provide us more clarity to determine how to face our actual situation

  • They´ll show us our gifts.

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